TD Data Centre

The Story

The TD Data Centre project involved the renovation and reconfiguration of a single-storey building. The four-phased project included construction of a data centre, office space, washroom and facility upgrades, along with a new main entrance. Extensive exterior landscaping was undertaken, as was installation of security systems. Full LEED® requirements were also achieved.

Structural reinforcement of the existing building structure included concrete foundations, suspended concrete slabs, and structural steel. Carbon fibre-reinforced polymers were used to reinforce existing suspended concrete components.

The architectural features of the building provided a secure entrance configuration, specialized glass products, access flooring and interior finishes. Exterior work introduced extensive decorative steel fencing, operable gates, landscaping, patterned concrete paving, and granite walkways.

Mechanically, the existing systems were replaced and upgraded with a cooling tower modification, new chillers, glycol and air cooling equipment, distribution systems, controls, fueling and fire protection systems.