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The Story

Comprised of approximately 200 square kilometers of oil sands leases, this SAGD operation currently can produce approximately 210,000 bpd. Our team has a long standing MSA contract to provide Electrical & Instrumentation (E&I) maintenance, major turnarounds, and sustaining capital services to MEG Energy.

The site-based team delivers day-to-day maintenance with a steady crew of over 80 highly skilled craftspeople. In addition to the Christina Lakes multiple phases, the team also completes project work for MEG Energy at its Stonefell Terminal in Fort Saskatchewan.
With MEG Energy, our team executes over 160,000 man-hours annually while delivering exceptional safety performance, adding value to the services provided, and reducing overall gross spend in the region. The Maintenance team self-performs Electrical, Instrumentation, EHT, Insulation, and High Voltage Technical Services.
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