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Oil and Gas

Green’s worked with Enbridge to meet their goal to increase the Alberta Clipper Pipeline capacity from 450,000 barrels-per-day to 800,000 barrels-per-day of heavy crude oil through increased pumping horsepower. The Canadian portion of the pipeline is over 1,000 kilometres long, transporting crude oil from the Hardisty terminal in Alberta to the Gretna station in Manitoba.

Green’s work on Phase 1 included 130 square metre expansions to each of the six existing facilities to house a new mainline pump. The team performed civil works, fabricated and installed piping and electrical systems. Bird overcame challenges of incorporating new systems into existing ones, working in remote locations and building during inclement winter weather — at times the site temperature dropped below minus 63°C. Phase 2 involved the construction of four new pump station facilities including civil works, 13 new pumps and electrical systems at each of the stations.